Sunday, August 8, 2010

A trip to the park

Our nanny survived her first week of watching both girls. We are hoping she comes back this week. I think everything went good and Rylee got to see her nurse a couple times this week so that helped her out a bit. I took Rylee to her special care appointment on Wednesday and she weighed 21 lb 8 oz and is still 29 1/2 inches long. We were discharged from this clinic as Rylee no longer has her trach and they don't see a need for us to keep coming for appointments. I wasn't expecting this to happen so soon and was very sad to say good bye to everyone in the clinic. The doctor has taken care of Rylee since she was in the NICU and she always made me feel very comfortable with the level of care she was giving Rylee. She wanted us to go up to the NICU so we could see any of the doctors, nurses, or nurse practitioners that took care of her. We did see one doctor who remembered her name and he only worked with her a couple days. We also ran into a nurse practitioner that was her nurse at St. Lukes. It felt very good taking her up there and showing them how far she has come in her short little life. We are still going to meet with the nutritionist and OT at CMH to hopefully get Rylee eating all her food by mouth. We are going to start starving her in hopes she will start eating more on her own. We really won't starve her but we are going to only give her half of the pediasure we were giving her by her tube. So far this has been going very well. We took the girls out to lunch on Friday afternoon and they did really good. Rylee ate more than I have ever seen her eat at one meal. The girls will get their eyes examined at CMH tomorrow and we are hoping and praying all goes well. I really hope they don't need glasses.

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