Sunday, January 23, 2011

2 year check up

We took the girls in for their two year check up and they checked out just fine. They don't have to have another physical for six months. Rylee weighed in a little more than Jordan and this is the first time in their life that this has happened. Rylee was throwing a huge fit during the weigh in and when we tried measuring her so not sure how accurate the measurements were. Rylee weighed 23 pounds and on the 25 week adjusted scale she is in the 19% for weight. She was 31 1/2 inches long and that put her in the 16% for height. On the regular two year old scale her weight is in the 9% and her height is 4%. Jordan weighed 22 lb 13 oz and on the 25 week adjusted scale this puts her in the 13% and she was 31.3 inches long and that puts her in the 12% for height. On the regular two year old scale her weight is in the 5% and her height is in the 12%. Not too bad for being 1 pound at birth. We asked the doctor how important it is to get rid of Rylee's pacifier. He told us as long as she didn't have it when she turned 3 she would be fine. I tried to talk him into telling us to lose it now but he said to see what the dentist had to say. I am ready to take them away and daddy thinks she should still have it. We do try to only give it to her at night and during her naps but she always seems to get them out of her crib. Rylee got her synagis vaccinations and it was horrible as always. The minute we get into the room she starts to have some fits. I think she has realized what happens at the doctors office is not good. I am glad we only have three more months of shots. We are still working on new words with the girls and this week Rylee has learned how to count to five in Spanish. Jordan is still doing pretty well too but seems to have not been quite as talkative as she used to be. I didn't take too many pictures of the girls this week so I included some pictures of our first baby Miss Maddie. That is also a picture of Jordan trying to gtube feed herself with Rylee's extension set. She has always been infatuated with Rylee's gtube. Yes that is her with a swim diaper over her clothes, a picture in flip flops and her fleece outfit tied around her neck.

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