Sunday, January 9, 2011

2 year old pictures

Just saying I have two year olds just doesn't seem possible. Here are the pictures we had taken on their birthday. We were very pleased with how they turned out and I am having trouble deciding which ones to order. Tiny K (infant and toddlers) was here on Thursday and all is still going great with the girls. Still just working on getting them to talk and trying to get them to say words that we can understand. They both say new words daily and they are starting to put two or more words together. Rylee is still pretty soft when she does talk and sometimes she will not be quiet. I think those 18 months of not being able to make any sounds has something to do with that. We took the girls to Emporia last night to celebrate my parents 41st wedding anniversary and had a great time. Rylee was her normal self and put on quite the show for everyone. She even said Hi to everyone that walked by our table. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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  1. the girls look absolutely amazing! Congrats on having 2 year olds! They don't seem too delayed developmentally... I have a son who turned 2 the end of September and we still are having trouble understanding what he says... it's a whole lot of Chinese I think! Lol Beautiful girls!