Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day and Rylee's 2 yr homecoming day!

Yesterday was Rylee's two year homecoming day. I never would have imagined that this child would be doing as good as she is doing. We brought her home and she needed 9 different medications that we would have to give her every three hours. She was also 100 % g-tube fed until recently. We are no longer giving her any type of medication and no longer using her g-tube. She will probably keep the g-tube in until next spring. We want to make sure she stays healthy before we remove it. We went to CMH on Friday for her ENT follow up and everything looked great with her trach site. We are going to wait 6 months before we do any other type of surgery. Her trach hole (stoma) has completely closed up and we got the okay to take her swimming. Whoops we have already done that but we were very careful! We also went to OT and they are going to let us not use her thickener in her fluids. She did cough some when we tried it in the office but the therapist felt comfortable with us trying it. After this appointment we went to St. Lukes NICU and were lucky to see two of our favorite nurses and a couple of the doctors. Everyone seemed pleased to see how good the girls are doing. We decided to make a fun day out of the day and went to Deanna Rose Farmstead and had a great time. I enjoyed my 3rd Mother's Day as a mother today at a family picnic in Emporia. The girls had a great time and Troy and I are exhausted after chasing them all day. These girls have no fear and climbed everything in site. I am feeling really really blessed to be a mother today. I know there are several women out there that would do anything to be a mother and my heart hurts for them today.

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