Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tiny K/Infant and toddlers update

We had Tiny K here on Wednesday night and we couldn't be prouder of our little girls. The program was developed for kids ages 3 and under that are developmentally delayed. We were expecting the girls to be in the program until they were 3 and then transition over to the school district system. After talking with our specialist she doesn't feel the girls even qualify for Tiny K anymore and doesn't think they will qualify for services thru the school system as well. We are really shocked with how well the girls are doing right now. They amaze us daily with what they know and are so eager to learn new things. I am still so impressed with Rylee's speech considering she has only been able to make noise for 10 months and having a paralyzed vocal cord on top of that. We will probably try to get them into some sort of pre-school this next year if our pediatrician feels it is safe enough for them to be around all those other germy kids. lol I enjoyed a day out with five other Baldwin ladies yesterday and didn't get home until 2:00 a.m. Lets just say I am way too old for that! I took the girls to the Legends today to meet my sisters and family at the Trex cafe and the girls were a little overwhelmed with the surroundings. We made a couple of build a dino's and they are scared of them and didn't want them in their room tonight. So far Ry is doing great with no thickener in her drinks and it makes it so much nicer for us to not have to worry about it. She is still coughing some but hasn't gotten sick so that is a good sign.

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