Sunday, May 29, 2011

No pictures

I am sure this is going to disappoint a few people but I don't have too many pictures to post this week. I will try to take some tomorrow and get them posted. I turned the Big 35 on Monday and loved coming home to my girls and hearing them say "Happy Mommy" and then trying to sing Happy Birthday. They were very happy to have cupcakes that were made by nanny MiMi. The girls spent the night with my parents on Thursday night and according to grandma and grandpa all went well. They took them to a dinner at the hospital and got quite a bit of attention. They even got to have Birthday cake for all the cancer survivors. Troy and I went to the Wine Fest fundraiser for the March of Dimes at Union Station and it was amazing to see all the support. We then took advantage of the free baby sitting and went to a movie. Troy took the girls back to Burlington on Saturday so he could go watch State Baseball and I went to KC to get my hair done. I am going to the Florida Keys this week with my two best friends from Reading. We are leaving on Thursday and then getting back Monday afternoon. This is my first time to leave town since the girls were born and I am a bit nervous about leaving them for so long. This trip couldn't have came at a better time as Jill's family lost their family home and Jessi's family lost their family owned grain elevator in the tornado last week. It will be so nice to get to spend time with each other and be able to lean on each other for support. I went to church today in Reading and was overwhelmed with seeing the damage. I still can't believe this happened. It did feel good to see that everyone is okay and handling the situation so well. I will not do a post next week as I will be in Florida enjoying my time away. Daddy will be holding down the fort so wish him luck!

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