Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years

New Years Day will never be the same for our family. This is the day that little Rylee took a turn for the worse and was not expected to make it through the night. I know I have posted this picture before but just want to remember once again how blessed we truly are. She was so very sick in this picture and we really thought this was going to be her last living picture. Just goes to show the power of prayer and just how strong she truly is. I just can't imagine living life without either one of the girls. We spent part of New Years Eve over at some friends with the girls and then Jordan was ready to come home around 8:30 so we came home and bathed them and then put them to bed. Around 11:00 Jordan woke up crying and when I went to check on her I stuck my hand in some vomit! She told me she wanted to sleep in Rylee's bed. I got her all cleaned up and back to bed and she hasn't gotten sick since then. She was a little more cuddly and laid around most of the day. I am not sure what was wrong with her but very glad it didn't turn into the full blown flu that is going around. We took the girls to the dentist on Wednesday for their 2nd check up and they both did really good getting their teeth cleaned. The dentist asked if Rylee was still sucking on a paci and we let him know that she is no longer sucking on a paci but has instead started sucking her finger on a regular basis. He thought we should give her back her paci as finger sucking can do more damage to her teeth. I took them in for their 3 year old physicals on Friday and the doctor recommended I put some stuff on Rylee's fingers to try to get her to stop sucking them. I haven't tried it yet but will get it out sometime this week. They are both still very tiny compared to other 3 year olds but no concerns and the doctor doesn't need to see them for a year. Jordan weighed in at 26 pounds and was 34.5 inches long. Rylee was 28 pounds and 35.75 inches long. They are both at least on the charts and hanging in their weight wise. I talked to the doctor about potty training and he thought the girls should at least be trying more so I started taking them to the potty chair every 15 minutes for a couple days with zero results. I did get to clean up potty messes on the floor. I didn't try it today as Jordan wasn't feeling well so we will see how tomorrow goes. They both act very interested in going but just can't seem to go on the toilet or on the potty chair. Sorry no updated pictures today. I seem to be using my phone more for pictures so facebook seems to have more this week.

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