Sunday, October 18, 2009

Almost 10 months

The girls will be 10 months old on the 20th and I have already booked the banquet room for their 1st birthday party. So mark your calenders for the 20th of December....the party is on. I am still very worried about exposing them to all the people and germs, but I know I can trust our friends and family to not come to the party if they are sick or have been around sick people. Don't worry I will have plenty of sanitizer, gloves, masks and gowns if needed! We had a great weekend at home and each day the girls bring more and more joy to our home. Tiny K was here on Wednesday and was very pleased with Rylee's willingness to have a bottle in her mouth. She will chew and suck a little bit, but just doesn't want to drink much. We were given the okay to try some crackers, puffs, etc. They recommended the chicken/biscuit crackers because of all the flavor so that way they will move it around their mouth and really start sucking on them. I know I sure like them! We have been pretty relaxed with Rylee's belly time so we were reminded that we should be putting her on her belly several times a day so she can build up some upper arm strength. We have ENT appointments at CMH on Wednesday morning so I am anxious to see what the doctor has to say about both girls. We are still battling allergies in our house with the girls. Rylee is sometimes having to be suctioned every few minutes and we pray every time that we don't suction up blood from all the suctioning.

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