Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hearing test

I am sure there are several people wanting to see how Jordan's hearing test went yesterday. Unfortunately she didn't show any waves in her left ear. Her right ear tested out just fine. We are now going to be taking her with us when we go to Rylee's ENT (ear, nose, and throat) appointment on 10/21/09. Hopefully she may just needs some tubes to clear out some fluid that might be causing her the problems. It is very common for extreme preemies to have hearing loss so it is not a big surprise to us. After this appointment it really hit me that our little girls are going through so much because of their early arrival. I just wish we didn't have to worry everyday about what is going to be wrong with them and how we can keep them safe from all the illnesses out there. I really just want to be a normal family that doesn't have to worry about everything. We are really starting to get cabin fever with the girls and this is just the beginning of the cold and flu season. We have only taken the girls out with us together two times and I can't wait for the day we can just leave our house as one big happy family. I know I am sounding a little down, but it is just very frustrating. I spend hours on the phone with our medical supply company, with doctors, nurses, pharmacies, etc and it is starting to get to me. There is not a day that goes by that I don't thank my lucky stars that these two miracles are with us and are the happies babies out there. I will end this post with on a positive note: I live by this quote daily "Prayers are answered, miracles happen, dreams do come true."


  1. Oh, sweet girl- our little guy has a moderate loss and wears two hearing aids (they help him A LOT). Just wanted to send along a little electronic support! Blessings, Leah (Nolan's mom).

  2. Hang in there Kari! I would love to tell you that the worry will eventually end, but I STILL worry all the time about Noah after 3 1/2 years - especially during cold/flu season. When I'm not worrying about his health issues from being a preemie, I worry that we will have gotten him through all of that and then be hit by a car while playing outside or something crazy like that. While it does get very frustrating and exhausting, you are very normal!! I love your ending quote because it is so very true - your girls are beautiful!! Tonya Pride (Bench & Kim's friend)