Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh no she is crawling! Good report with Rylee.

We took Rylee to her special care appointment today at CMH and she got a good report. She weighed in at 15 lb 5 oz. We didn't see our primary doctor as she was in a conference, but we did see one of her regular doctors that she had in the NICU at CMH. She sure put on a show for all the nurses, doctors, and staff in the clinic. She was all smiles and very interactive with everyone that came into the room. The doctor was impressed that she is sitting unassisted and how social she is. We are going to start weaning her oxygen at night and hopefully get rid of it when we go back in 6 weeks. They want us back in 6 weeks due to the cold and flu season so they can keep a close watch over her. I would rather keep her out of the hospital, but the doctor thought she needed to come back. She got some blood work today and it didn't come to easy. It brought back some horrible memories from her NICU days. The nurses would spend hours and hours just trying to get blood or an IV in. It took a good 15 minutes for them to get what they needed today and I was glad nurse T was there to hold Rylee down. I don't think I could have done it without losing it. Seeing all the babies in the special care clinic on ventilators was a reminder on how blessed we are that we have two miracles at home. We go back to CMH on 10/21 for Rylee and Jordan's ENT appointments. Tiny K will be here on Wednesday to check out how our feedings are going. Yes, Jordan is officially crawling and oh my this is going to be some work keeping up with her. She has passed my goal for her to be crawling by her first birthday. Her adjusted age is just a little over 6 months so she is doing so awesome with her developmental milestones. I think Rylee is going to go from sitting to walking. She doesn't seem to interested in rolling over, scooting, or crawling. She will sit for several minutes without taking a tumble. Have a good week.

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