Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Can you say GIDDY!

We got up bright and early this morning and took both girls to CMH for their ENT appointments. Nothing but good news was given to us today. The doctor was shocked to see how big Rylee has gotten, as she hasn't seen her in three months. Of coarse, Ry was nothing but smiles. She looked down her airway with a scope and didn't see anything too concerning and decided to try Rylee on a passy muir valve. It is an attachment that goes on her trach. She has to breath through her trach and then out through her mouth or nose. Rylee handled it like a champ! This allows her to push air up through her vocal cords so we can hear her voice when she has it on. The girl had alot to tell us and didn't shut up the entire time she had it on. I think she may have had some words with the doctor too, as this is the doctor that put her trach in her. She was hooked up to a monitor and her stats were great the entire time. She lasted about 10 minutes before she got tired. The doctor and nurses were very shocked that she was doing so well. Most babies don't do so well and can't tolerate it as well as Rylee did. Ry's nurse informed me that she couldn't tell who had the biggest smile, me, the doctor or Rylee. Rylee loved every minute of it and Jordan just looked at her like something was wrong. We will continue to put this on her several times a day and hope that she can work herself up to having it on at all times besides when she is sleeping. We will schedule a bronch in March or April and then we will go from there. When Ry is able to tolerate the valve all day we can start capping her trach and this is where she will be doing all the breathing through her nose and mouth. I am so proud of this little angel : ) On to baby #2, Jordan. The doctor took a look at her ears and didn't see too much fluid. She was expecting her ear drums to be in worse shape than they were. The doctor sent us across the hall to get some more hearing test and Jordan passed in both ears. She is right on the border line and didn't pass the high or low sounds, but still passed. We will go back in January for another hearing test. The doctor was expecting her to have tubes put in within the month, but after hearing the results of the hearing test we decided to hold off for awhile. We then went up to the special care clinic so Ry could get her 2nd seasonal flu shot. It was so busy in the clinic that she got her shot in the hallway. Once we came home I took Jordan to Lawrence to get her and I the H1N1 vaccines and had to wait in the rain for an hour and then we waited inside for another hour. Ry couldn't get a H1N1 vaccine today because she had to get her 2nd seasonal flu shot today. Just wanted to write an update with our good news. I will be posting videos soon. We want daddy to hear Rylee first and he won't be home until 8:00 as he has teacher conferences.

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