Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just relaxing

We have had a very relaxing week. I had to re-schedule their one year check up as it was just too cold and the roads were still a little slick. We have enjoyed our last few days at home just relaxing. Well, there isn't much relaxing with these two girls. I haven't even dressed the girls this weekend and they have just worn their PJ's all day. Rylee has a regular scheduled appointment with the special care clinic a CMH on Wednesday and then they have their one year check up on Friday. We are working on getting Jordan to fall asleep on her own and it isn't going so well for her. I have been reading some books and some material on-line and they all say the longer we wait the harder it will be so I thought we better get started. Our little Rylee is a very good sleeper. She will fall asleep when you put her in her crib and usually sleeps 10 to 12 hours at night. I think her extra days in the NICU and that she has not always liked being held has had alot to do with this.

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