Friday, January 1, 2010

Our New Years Day Miracle

We thought this was going to be the very last picture we would have of our little Rylee. Little did we know we would go on to take thousands of more pictures of this angel. This was when they opened up her isolate so we could touch her and love on her. We had her baptized a few minutes after this picture.

Last New Years Eve we were called that night and was told that Jordan was placed on the high frequency oscillator ventilator as she was struggling. I just had this horrible feeling all night and couldn't even think straight. I would wake up every few minutes and just knew something was wrong. We got up early on New Years Day to drive the hour to the NICU. This is when we received the call that Rylee had taken a turn for the worse. We arrived at the hospital and several nurses and doctors were surrounding her trying to get her to respond to their treatments. It took the nurses hours to get an IV so she could get her antibiotics. We couldn't even think straight at this time. I couldn't even take a drink or even get a word out of my mouth. We spent the day praying and praying and I even struggled to walk down the hall to pump. Later that evening our favorite doctor got down on his knees and told us that he had done all he could for Rylee and she was not going to survive. At this time, we thought it was a viral infection and she wasn't responding to the medications. I went into complete shock and deep down I knew she was going to be fine. I hate to even admit this, but I told Troy that I wanted her to go because I hated seeing her look the way she did. This was the first day she opened her eyes and she had a blank stare. I hadn't been able to hold her yet so all I wanted was to take her off the ventilator so I could hold her. Troy was the strong one and didn't want to let her go. We continued to pray and eventually the doctor did a chest tube and gave her a dose of steroids. This seemed to make her urinate and her stats started to get better. We stayed the night in the hospital and I was even able to get a few hours of sleep as I was just extremely exhausted. By the next morning we were told Rylee had MRSA and it didn't look good for her. Well, our little Rylee sure showed them what she could do. Each day she got better and better and we knew she was going to be fine. This was the day that she developed her cysts in her lungs which has caused her all of her problems. We couldn't be happier with our little Rylee and I am so glad she is here today. Our prayers were answered and miracles do happen. Troy has called today Rylee's rebirth day!


  1. I think that it was the day Rylee got to meet Jesus. I wonder if someday she will tell you how that meeting went. Whatever her story, I would like to hear it as well. What an absolute miracle. And Jordan as well. Thank you Troy for not giving up, and thank you Kari for loving her so much that Rylee knew she had to come back to your fast love for her.

    Love, Kathy and Danny

  2. I am so glad that she is such a fighter!


  3. what a special day... hold those babies close!