Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rylee is crawling!

I had to get Rylee a new rocking chair so we can do her tube feedings

in as she is too big for her swing now.

I don't know what mommy is thinking. I sleep just fine!

She carried this balloon in her mouth for awhile.

The girls last Monday when K-State played Texas. Go K-State!

Rylee is officially crawling now. She has been going backwards and army crawling for awhile, but just learned how to go forward on Saturday. I actually caught it on video so I will post it so you can see how cute she is. We are still trying to get our minds wrapped around what is going to happen with her surgery. She is a very strong little girls so I know she will do fine. Jordan had another hearing screening on Tuesday and is still passing on the bottom of the scale. They want to see her back in six months just to keep monitoring her. The hearing specialist thinks that it is probably just fluid in her ears that is causing her some trouble. We don't have any appointments scheduled until March so that is going to be really nice. Rylee may have to go get her swallow test at CMH if they get it scheduled. We have Tiny K here on Wednesday and I can't wait to show them how Rylee can crawl now.


  1. Isn't it crazy how their stuff takes up so much space!!!

    We are both sooo lucky!

  2. Do you like the Tiny K group? Our pediatrician is recommending we start our 15 month old with them to evaluate his speech/hearing. Your girls are absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on Rylee's newest accomplishments!

  3. We love Tiny K. Who is your pediatrician?