Friday, May 21, 2010


5:55 p.m. We are scheduled to go home tomorrow if all goes well tonight. It is truly amazing that she is able to go home after only three days. We were told to expect a few days to a few weeks. I think the doctor is pretty shocked that she recovered so quickly. It is a good thing that she has a g-tube as we don't have to worry about getting food and liquids down her. She is not enjoying the hospital right now. Anytime anyone walks in she shakes her head no and then starts to throw a fit. It took four of us to hold her down a little bit ago just trying to get her IV back in place. She is now caged in her crib as she is everywhere and just wants down to play. We have gotten a lot of cuddle time in so that is nice. We are so proud of her for pulling through this as quickly as she has. She sure is a lot tougher than me.

Rylee had a pretty good night. Woke up every couple of hours but went right back to sleep. We have had all kinds of doctors in this morning to check on her. They took out her rib and neck drains. The wounds look good. The doctor said that there is a good chance that she will be going home tomorrow. They are not doing anything for her that we couldn't do at home.

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