Thursday, May 20, 2010

I just talked to Troy and Rylee is still doing fine. We got moved to one of the regular floors this afternoon and it is a very nice room. The staff seem very nice and have been very helpful so far. Rylee spent the afternoon watching Mickey Mouse and cuddling with us. Rylee did get a little upset with him when he left the room to get some dinner tonight. He talked to her surgeon and they are thinking if all goes well she should be home by the beginning of the week. We will just take one day at a time and concentrate on getting Rylee healthy. I came home to Jordan tonight and she didn't seemed to bothered by not seeing me for a day and a half. She was into everything and kept me very busy once I got home. Troy and I have decided that we are really glad we have two babies instead of one as they entertain each other. It took me awhile to get Jordan to sleep tonight so I think she is a little out of her normal schedule. We are so thankful that Rylee is feeling much better and not in so much pain. Troy said they are going to be giving her loritab and tylenol for pain tonight so hopefully he can get some rest. Thanks for all the prayers and special thoughts for our little angel.

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