Sunday, May 2, 2010

March of Dimes

Look that is me.

This is them crying after I showed them a dog that laughs that
Grandma Bitler got them. Needless to say they didn't enjoy it.

Rylee riding her horse.

Jordan pretending like she is on house arrest.

The suction machine has many uses.

Itty Bitty Webb Team!

Sleepy girls

Jordan and her wonderful primary nurse Erin.

Goofy girls

We had a great day yesterday walking in the March of Dimes walk. Thanks to everyone who came and walked with us and donated to such a great cause. The girls were absolutely wonderful during the whole day. They haven't spent more than a few minutes outside before yesterday and they didn't seem to mind being outside. They missed their morning nap and actually fell asleep in our arms during the walk. They didn't seem to bothered by the thousands of people and complete strangers either. I couldn't have been any prouder of them yesterday. At the beginning of the walk they had several posters of all the survivors and in memory of babies. It was very hard to look at all the in memory of photos. I was once again reminded of how very blessed we are that are girls survived their early arrival. We got to see several of the nurses from St. Lukes NICU and it was great to show the girls off. Rylee was off oxygen for four nights this week and then last night she needed some to keep her sats above 90%. I hope it was just a fluke that she needed it last night. She is really starting to voice around her trach and can make some pretty good sounds. Jordan looks at her like something is wrong with her. We have been using her PMV valve and she loves to just make noise. I think this is good sign that her airway is opening up a bit or she is just getting stronger and can get the air up past her vocal cords. I even heard her say bye to Troy yesterday when he walked outside. Jordan is still doing great with her speech and we are hearing more and more from her too. We have Tiny K here this week and then I get to spend my second Mother's Day on Sunday with my pride and joy. We will celebrate Rylee's
one year homecoming on 5/7/10!


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  1. Yep, they are ready for dance classes. Just a couple more years, then ballet and jazz. I do think you need a few more toys though. They really look deprived. What a joyous walk and I hope you have a very happy mother's day. The miracles which have occurred since last mother's day. Keep up the great work. Just a reminder though. Can't tell them "NO"!!!!!!! And from whom do they get their goofiness?