Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Surgery Day

8:56 p.m. Wow! What a day for Rylee. She is not giving up that is for sure. They have tried morphine and versed and nothing seems to work more than a few minutes. I am hoping she just crashes soon and gets some much needed rest. We will hopefully get moved to a floor tomorrow and that might be better for Rylee. It is pretty noisy in the PICU and alot of action going on. I have Mickey Mouse playing over and over so hopefully that will keep her entertained this evening. When she gets to throwing a fit she gets hard as a board and starts to desat pretty bad. There is nothing we can do when she gets like this. She usually just gets too tired to keep going and crashes for a few minutes. This does bring back some memories from her NICU days. I hear an oscillator ventilator going next door and just hearing that sound brings back the horrible memories of the girls' first few weeks. I am going to go down and sleep in the Ronald McDonald room and hoping the night nurse takes good care of my baby girl. I sure am missing Jordan today. I think today is the first full day that I have ever went without seeing her. I will have Troy update in the morning as I will probably be holding Rylee most of the day. Thanks for all the prayers.

2:50 pm: Got to the PICU. We got to go to her room at 3. She is not happy! They are going to be generous with the morphine to keep down her pain levels. Having mom hold her seems to be helping too. It seems like old times with her in here all hooked up to everything. She now looks huge in these cribs compared to when she was here last.

1:40 pm: Everything went well. Rylee is in recovery. The Dr. says that she has lots of marks from the staples and attempted IVs, drain tubes on her neck and rib area. We will get to see her in about 30 minutes and go with her to the PICU.

11:50 a.m. Just met with one of the ENT doctors and they are going to go ahead and remove Rylee's tonsils as they are very large and will more than likely cause some trouble when the trach is removed. They are just now getting the graft in place and then they need to close her neck incision. It should be another hour or so before she is done wit surgery.

10:50 am: Things are going well. Probably another hour to an hour and a half. Dad kicking mom's butt in UNO.

9:39 a.m. We just got our first update and they started the surgery about 20 minutes ago and already have her rib graft removed. We should get another update in an hour and a half.

4:00 am:  Rylee wakes up ready to get this show on the road.
6:30 am:  We get to Children's Mercy for check-in.
8:00 am:  We gave Rylee to the nurses and headed to the waiting room.  Surgery will be 4-5 hours long but we will get updates every hour or so.


  1. thinking of you and your family today!

  2. Glad the surgery is over. We're thinking of you guys.