Saturday, May 22, 2010


We made it home! We were discharged by 9:30 a.m. and daddy and Jordan came to rescue us out of CMH. I am still amazed that we only spent 3 nights in the hospital. If you would have told me this after Rylee's surgery I would have never believed we would be home this soon. The doctor told us a week ago that she has only sent one 5 year old kid home after 3 days with this same type of surgery and she was shocked that this boy went home soon. Our Rylee sure knows how to show the doctors how strong she really is. The girls played their first twin trick on one of the nurses today. One of the nurses didn't know that Rylee had a twin and when she came into the room Jordan was in the crib and I was on the other side of the room changing Rylee. She commented on how happy Rylee was now and then Troy and I both told her it wasn't Rylee. She seemed a bit confused and said I thought Rylee had a trach. She is the first person that has said they look alot alike and you can't really tell them apart. Rylee will go back for a bronch in about three weeks and they will remove the stent and make sure there isn't any scar tissue that needs to be removed. We should come home capping her trach for a few more weeks and then if all is well the trach will be removed. I get to enjoy my 34th birthday tomorrow celebrating my dad's 60th birthday in Burlington, Ks tomorrow.

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