Saturday, May 23, 2009

33 years old

I turned 33 years old today and I finally feel like my life is complete. I have always wished for a family every year for my birthday. My wish this year is for Rylee to get her trach removed by my birthday next year. Every night when we do Rylee's trach care I get really upset because she gets so upset and I think to myself this is going to be a long year. I am still having alot of anger towards the family that brought MRSA into the NICU and I hope one day I can forgive this family. We stayed home today and celebrated with take out from On The Border. There won't be anymore dining in for our family for a few years. Rylee is on her new formula that costs $28.00 a can and I think daddy about wet himself when he paid for it. I looked all over Lawrence for this formula and we couldn't find it anywhere. Finally, the doctor's office recommended that I look at Price Chopper so we found it in Gardner last night. She vomited the first feeding, but has been doing well the rest of the day. She is still pretty gassy and in alot of pain from it. We hope she can get some comfort soon. Jordan is still doing well. She pretty much sleeps and snuggles with daddy all day. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend.


  1. not sure what formula you are using but check out I have an 8 month old so we're also enjoying the expense of formula. BUT, Price Chopper is much higher on formula than other stores. They charge $28 for formula that I can buy for $21 elsewhere... good luck!

  2. The girls are getting cuter and cuter. Sounds like you both are doing a great job with them! I am glad you finally have your birthday wish! Hope you have a great birthday weekend!
    Rosilan Watts

  3. The girls are looking great!!!! Trach care will get better, I promise! Especially once Rylee grows a longer neck! Hope you had a good birthday!