Friday, May 8, 2009

Rylee's home

Rylee has settled in at home very well. We didn't have nursing coverage last night so I slept in the room with the girls. I did have one eye opened all night so not much sleep for mommy. I loved being able to just sit and stare at them in their cribs side by side. It really seems real that we have twins now. Rylee seems very comfortable and only gets upset when we are doing her trach care or if her pacifier falls out of her mouth. She has been called Maggie from the Simpsons a few times because of her love for her pacifier. We may have to separate the girls rooms because Rylee's equipment is very loud and has been waking Jordan up. We had a nurse come at 7:00 a.m. and she did a great job with Rylee. I even felt comfortable enough to get a couple hours of sleep while she was here. The night nurse is here with the director right now and that might be a different story :) We are hoping that she works out as she is wanting to do 16 hour shifts on Friday and Saturday evenings. I am sure some of you are wanting to know Rylee's weight and the night before she left she hit the 8 pound mark. She still seem so tiny compared to Jordan. Jordan has been doing very well since we got sister home and she even got some cuddled time from Rylee's nurse. We feel so relieved to have our babies home. It maybe a little difficult to get adjusted to Rylee's care, but we love having her with us.

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