Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy 5 month Birthday to our baby girls!

I can't believe it has been five months since these little girls came crashing into this world. We went to the special care doctor today at Children's Mercy and a mom in the waiting room asked how old Rylee was and when I told her she looked at me a little weird. I think I need to just use their adjusted age if I don't want to go into the whole story. I think we know how to grow our babies big. Rylee weighed in at 9 pounds 4 ounces and was 8 pounds just two weeks ago. The doctor is having us slow down on her bottle feedings as she doesn't want to get her too tired and risk aspiration. She is only allowed 2 bottles a day and only gets to have 20 ml of her 75 ml per bottle. This is a little disappointing since it is so much easier giving her a bottle and she loves her bottles. She was breathing pretty hard with her HME (artificial nose) on in the office so the doctor wants her on her humidified air a little more throughout the day. This is hard because this means she is stuck in her room. We are going to change her formula to see if it will help with the vomiting and the major gas pains that she is having. The doctor was pleased with how Rylee is doing and commented on what a good job we are doing with her. She was a little disappointed that we don't have more nursing coverage to help out with Rylee throughout the night hours. I am not getting much sleep at night and it is starting to wear me out. I of course asked how long she thought Rylee would have the trach and she thought at least a year and maybe two years if she doesn't grow well. Jordan stayed home with daddy and is still in her pajamas so I think they did alot of sleeping. We are anxious for Jordan's appointment next week to see how much weight she has gained.

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