Sunday, May 31, 2009

Relaxing weekend

We had a very relaxing weekend at home. Our weekend nurse only worked 11 pm to 7 am so we were able to have some quality family time with our girls. We are starting to notice that Rylee likes to be held more than when she first came home. She spent too much time in a hospital crib and we noticed that she wasn't very comfortable when we held her. She is starting to fuss a little bit when we lay her down now. She is really starting to interact with us when we talk to her and we know if she could she would be cooing. It is really hard to not be able to hear her voice. Jordan is cooing and smiling alot at us when we talk to her. She seems to get really fussy in the evenings. We do Rylee's trach care after 8pm so sometimes this makes it very difficult. We have a busy week with appointments this week. We don't have evening nursing care until Thursday night so I might be a little exhausted by then. Last week I did three nights in a row and it took a toll on me. For some reason Troy keeps calling me "Kate". (For all you Jon and Kate fans)!

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  1. WOW! I'm so impressed how big the girls are looking in these pics! They look great and you 2 are doing so well with them! Keep up the good work!