Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another good day in the Webb family. I was so happy that Rylee slept a few hours last night and I would just sneak her feedings and meds in by her g-tube. She didn't sleep much at all Sunday night and it was very difficult staying awake with her. I think her night nurse over stimulated her a bit in the evenings and she got used to it. She is taking some of her feedings by bottles, but usually only gets about an ounce in before she gets tired. We don't even try to feed her by bottle if she is sleepy other wise we don't get much down her. I think she has her day nurse wrapped around her finger already. This nurse is working out great and we are lucky to have her around. Daddy is working tomorrow as it is the last day of school for his 8th graders. I think Jordan is already a daddy's girl as she can't keep her eyes off of him and likes to smile alot at him.

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  1. So glad things are continuing to go well!!!