Monday, May 11, 2009

We both survived our Sunday with the girls.  This is our only day that we are on our own.  It is a little stressful.  Today Rylee went to the doctor with mom and the nurse.  I guess she got a lot of stares from people in the waiting room.  We have us a little circus freak.  Someday she will be barking for the yak woman.  Everything checked out ok.  There was some question about her eye alignment and her tracking ability but nothing too bad.  Things seem to be getting a little bit easier as we become more and more comfortable with Rylee's trach.  Before too long it will be second nature for us.....yeah, right!  Kari's friend Jessi came to visit today with her new baby boy.  I'm sure mom will get some pics up of that visit.


  1. Well, I think she's the cutest clown around...Jill

  2. Me too!!! I just love Rylee's cheeks! I can't wait for Kensley to start gaining better and her cheeks start filling out!