Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another wonderful day in the Webb household. Grandma and Grandpa Bitler came to visit and Jordan cried for a long time after they left. Last nights nurse is back tonight and I am a little stressed out with her. Luckily she is only here on the weekends or I might go crazy. We won't have another nurse until Monday morning so no sleep for mommy and daddy. Rylee is starting to really stay awake and be more alert since being home and seems very comfortable. Jordan got kicked out of their room. Rylee's equipment is just too loud for her to be in there with her. I also didn't want her in the room with the night nurse as well. It was hard separating them, but it needed to be done. I am so excited for my first Mother's Day as a proud mommy. We are staying in and won't be celebrating with my family as we would like too. Troy and I would like to say Happy Mother's Day to our wonderful mothers, Diane and Mary.


  1. I see the daddy influence in clothing choices! So happy to see your together again as one happy family :) :) peace and love - Susan

  2. Happy Mother's Day!!!


    Mike (Bruner) and Stephanie

  3. Happy Mother's Day!! So happy for you to be able to just stay in for the day and not have to travel to spend the day with your babies! Enjoy!

    Rosilan Watts

  4. Happy 1st Mother's Day Kari. Hope you and Troy had a fulfilling day at home with the girls. Hope to see you soon.


  5. Congratulations on being together for the first time at home. This past week has sure given the word "family" the true meaning. Being together for the first time and having both girls home for your 1st mother's day must have brought out more emotions than one can imagine. Now the real "parenting" begins. NO SLEEP!!!!!, tons of diapers, around the clock feedings for two......... You both have been great through all of this. May God continue to bless you with many happy memories and lots of fun times ahead. Troy, I think the girls need some new matching outfits!!!!! :)
    Love, Danny, Kathy and family